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About Chef Nancy

Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition

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Chef Nancy is a whole foods plant-based culinary chef. She owns and operates Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and teaches meal preparation that promotes optimal health and disease reversal and prevention.  She has earned her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at eCornell University. 

Nancy specializes in delicious preparations of plant based foods.  Her combinations of vegetables, spices and condiments always yield a dramatic and tasty feast for your taste buds.

Nancy works with a powerful science-based approach to nutrition that can dramatically reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity and improve your quality of life.  She also applies her own experience with personal ailments she has conquered with her nutritional approach.  Nancy offers training and personal counseling services to clients on an individual or group class basis.

Previously, Nancy had a long career with Delta Airlines as a Senior Flight Attendant and managed multiple Delta Private Airline Clubs (Detroit & Orlando).  Now semi-retired, she focuses her efforts on her Health & Wellness practice and classes in plant based nutrition.

About Skip - Sous-Chef & Bottle Washer

Skip Stein  B.S. CISA, CDP


As a long time Technology Professional, Skip has branched out into the Health & Wellness arena in support of Nancy’s efforts in this area.  Skip handles all the technical aspects, accounting and financial side of the business and supports all the web sites associated with their business interests.

In addition, Skip offers his personal experience in dealing with Prostate Cancer and other personal challenges in the health area to those who may also be facing the, often daunting, issues involved with health and wellness.  Skip also applies his degree in Psychology during his health and wellness counseling sessions to ease his clients into a new lifestyle and begin the journey to health and wellness.  His degree in Behavioral Psychology Degree from the University of Houston,  provides an excellent background in his Lifestyle Counseling practice.

Previously, Skip traveled the Globe as a professional business consultant.  He has worked on projects across the USA and in Canada, Hong Kong, Germany and Belgium.  Now focused mainly on the Health & Wellness practice, Skip continues to support technology clients in the USA and elsewhere.


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